Concept art for my feature film "The Last Fairytale Hero"

My new feature film as a co-director with Vadim Sveshnikov called "The Last Fairy Tale Hero".

Due to some financial reasons work on this project was stopped till the better financial situation(((

Sometimes such things happens...

Original screenplay written be Me&Vadim.

This is some sketches from the film created by our production designer Arthur Mirzoyan.

Film produced by "Era Vodoleya Company"


Some Location Concepts On "Sapsan"

Some concepts of the locations on our project "Sapsan". 
Concepts created by our production designer Arthur Mirzoyan.


Teaser & Posters Of Arthur Mirzoyan Film "Odysseus"


I'm proudly present you trailer of Arthur Mirzoyan Film "Odysseus"
Arthur is a good friend of mine and incredible artist (Arthur's Blog).

The voices of Odysseus and the Cyclops is mine (with some sound effects of course)
I am very proud to be a part of this project. 

Arthur, Vadim Sveshnikov & Me had written the script for the full-length movie "Odysseus". And we're searching investors for the project.

On the official page of the film you can find - full trailer of the film, making of and a lot of interesting materials on the project.

Posters Of My First Movie As A Director "Sapsan"

"Sapsan" is my full-length animated movie debut in the directors chair, shared with my brother Vadim Sveshnikov.

Based on our original script.

The plot of the “Sapsan” movie is the story of a young falcon, who as the fates decree found himself in a family of Moscow pigeons. They grew him up as their own child and inculcated him a love of the most famous game: football.

Wonderful actors such as Konstantin Khabenskiy, Renata Litvinova, Aleksey Gorbunov, Liliya Kondrova gave their voices for our heroes. 

Produced by "Central Partnership" & "Era Vodoleya"

Project is still in production...