TV-Movie Based On My Script "The Kiss Of Fallen Angels"

This is the International Poster of this criminal drama "The Kiss Of Fallen Angels". 

This movie supposed to be our (my brother&I) first movie as directors. But due to some reasons, and some misunderstandings with producers we turned down to rule the project.
Anyway the screenplay was written be me & Vadim Sveshnikov in collaboration with Eduard Aliev and Konstantin Filimonov.   

Show-reel on "Kisses Of Fallen Angels" /"Поцелуи падших ангелов"/

I found some kind of clip for "Kisses Of Fallen Angels". As I wrote before I was co-writer on this TV-Movie.

The soundtrack created by Eugeniy Margulis ("Time Machine").

The Premiere was on the "NTV Channel".
P.S. Sorry for the quality of video... I couldn't find better...

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