Trailer "How to Catch the Firebird’s Feather"

New project coming to the cinemas on October 24th!

Vadim & Max Sveshnikov - executive producers.


Yak (2012) IMDB Page

A re-interpretation of Ramayana, the Thai animation film tells the story of a giant robot, Na Kiew, who's left wandering in a barren wasteland after a great war. Na Kiew meets Jao Phuek, a puny tin robot who's lost his memory and is now stuck with his new big friend. Together they set out across the desert populated by metal scavengers, to look for Ram, the creator of all robots.

Vadim Sveshnikov and me, made script adaptation for Russia. 

Тайландский мультфильм "Железяки" выходит в прокат 27 июня 2013!

Вадим Свешников и я работали над русской адаптацией сценария. 
Главных роботов озвучили - Михаил Галустян и Александр Ревва.


"The Snow Queen" Team

Arthur Mirzoyan - Production designer, Character designer, Storyboard artist
Vadim Sveshnikov - Writer
Maxim Sveshnikov - Director